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I have decided to up-date an old website which used the:


to retrieve an elevation or altitude for a set of co-ordinates (Lat,Lng). Since starting to use Google maps API v3 the new elevation services does not allow a simple single line of code to return a elevation/altitude in meters (that I can find).

Instead, first you must push the co-ordinates:

locations.push(new google.maps.LatLng(Lat, Lng));


elevation = results[0].elevation;

Which would be fine, but every time I try to put it into a loop of some kind it only returns the final result rather than repeating it and giving a separate value for each. I am trying to get a elevation/altitude for 8 points around a center point(cp):

p1 p2 p3

p8 cp p4

p7 p6 p5

This is in an attempt to create an A* path-finding system dependent on height of the neighboring co-ordinates:

locations.push(new google.maps.LatLng(Lat, Lng));

  var positionalRequest = {
    'locations': locations

  elevator.getElevationForLocations(positionalRequest, function(results, status) {
      for (Count = 0; Count != 8; Count++) {
            NeighbourArray[Count] = results[0].elevation;           

Please can someone let me know how I'd do this, or an alternate method for getting an array of elevations/altitudes of the neighbor co-ordinates (roughly a meter from the center point)?

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