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I've just started using SASS with Sublime Text 2 and really enjoying it. However, some of the autocomplete features that worked with CSS, do not work with SASS. For example, on a CSS file when I type: float and press tab, it automatically adds a semicolon


And the same if I then add left and press tab, I get


However, it does not do this in a SCSS file. Is there a way to get this autocomplete back, but with SASS?

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Did you try this? stackoverflow.com/questions/11309185/… –  Hashem Qolami Feb 22 '14 at 11:43

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Fixed: https://github.com/sergeche/emmet-sublime/issues/70

For SASS syntax, default dialect is sass, not scss (it’s important). According to examples from http://sass-lang.com, closing semicolon is not required.

But you can alter this behaviour: in User’s Emmet.sublime-settings file, add the sass.propertyEnd property for preferences section, like this:

    "preferences": {
        "sass.propertyEnd": ";"
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When I type db and tab, I get display: block (without the semicolon at the end). Any idea how to fix that? –  Gregory Bolkenstijn Feb 6 at 14:59
@GregoryBolkenstijn I've updated the answer but my edit is pending review. Just add "disable_tab_abbreviations_on_auto_complete": false to your Preferences.sublime-settings file –  Iso Apr 17 at 11:12

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