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Hi i am having rails form consisting of email, name etc; and field name with questions comes from yml file. For the 3 sets of questions the user has to fill 3 answers respectively.


    <% @list = YAML::load("#{Rails.root}/config/questions.yml"))%>
    <% ans_iter= 0 %>
    <% @list.keys.each do |set| %>
    <% ans_iter += 1 %>
    <%= select_tag 'questions[]',options_for_select(@list[set]) %>
    <%= text_field_tag "answers[]", nil, :class => 'required', :id => "ans_#{ans_iter}"%>
    <% end %>

Initially there are no iteration attributes(ans_iter in the above form), at that time when i do Inspect element, i used to get ids of each answer text box as answers_ and class name as answers[]. But later after adding of iterators i am getting ids as ans_1, ans_2, ans_3 respectively.

When i write validator messages as:

function validatePage(){

validator = $('#new_user').validate({
    rules: {  user_first_name:{ required:true},
        user_email: { required:true},
        ans_1: {required:true},
        ans_2: {required:true},
        ans_3: {required:true} },
    messages: {
        user_first_name:{ required: "Please enter First Name"},
        user_email:   { required: "Please enter Email"},
        ans_1: {required: "Please fill the answer"},
        ans_2: {required: "Please fill the answer"},
        ans_3: {required: "Please fill the answer"} }
}); }

For the above js, only 1st answer text box validation is working, remaining 2 answer tex boxes are not working. I think my validator is working with names rather than ids. Is there a way to run my validations with ids?

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Why not do


'answers[]': {required:true}


'answers[]': {required: "Please fill the answer"}
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I tried it, but not working. – user3189916 Feb 23 '14 at 4:59
Please let me know if there are any ways validating using ids for my form.. – user3189916 Feb 24 '14 at 9:55
You can only validate using name, not id when using this plugin. So if you are trying to have multiple text fields with the same name that will not work. Perhaps give the answer fields names like ans_1, ans_2, etc. and then it will work... – Ryley Feb 24 '14 at 16:51

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