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We are hitting a webservice (location A) from our application server (Location X). The webservice's WSDL imports the schema from a different location (location B).. Looks like when the application tries to hit the service end point, its getting a connection refused error from Location B. When we complained to the webservice team about this, their question was why are you trying to import the schema run time?

Location X (our server) can connect to Location A (ports are open), but it can't connect to Location B where the XSDs are stored.

Triage so far:

Initially our application code was using the ?wsdl URL and setting up the Service object as below.

URL validationServiceURLObj = new URL("https://xxxx/Information/SerialNumberValidati
qName = new QName("http://xxxx/SerialNumberValidationService/2012/06", "SerialNumberValidationService");
service = new SerialNumberValidationService(validationServiceURLObj, qName);
portType = service.getBasicHttpBindingISerialNumberValidationService();
serNumValResponse = portType.serialNumberValidation(serNumValRequest);

What we learned was this approach attempts to download the WSDL every time during execution and hence changed the approach as below to give the service endpoint URL directly in the request context.. (Reference: Instantiate JAX-WS service without downloading WSDL?)

service = new SerialNumberValidationService();
portType = service.getBasicHttpBindingISerialNumberValidationService();
Map<String, Object> requestContext=((BindingProvider)portType).getRequestContext();
requestContext.put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, "https://xxxx/Information/SerialNumberValidationServiceSoap");
serNumValResponse = portType.serialNumberValidation(serNumValRequest);

Still getting Connection Refused error ! Our understanding is that its not downloading the WSDL now as we are giving the direct service endpoint URL in the request context. If true, why are we still getting this error? Does it matter when we hit the service end point (during rumtime), we need to have the schema location (in this case its in a seperate location) also accessible from the client?

Will this help to avoid the attempted schema validation (if thats the cause for failure)

((BindingProvider)port).getRequestContext().put("schema-validation-enabled", "false");‚Äč

Any pointers would be much helpful..


2014-02-21 22:03:17,907:ERROR :WebContainer : 1: Stack Trace: javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: The following WSDL exception occurred: WSDLException: faultCode=WSDL4JWrapper : : javax.wsdl.WSDLException: WSDLException: faultCode=WSDL4JWrapper : : java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.ExceptionFactory.createWebServiceException(ExceptionFactory.java:173) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.ExceptionFactory.makeWebServiceException(ExceptionFactory.java:70) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.impl.ServiceDescriptionImpl.setupWsdlDefinition(ServiceDescriptionImpl.java:1102) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.impl.ServiceDescriptionImpl.(ServiceDescriptionImpl.java:237) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.impl.ServiceDescriptionImpl.(ServiceDescriptionImpl.java:160) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.impl.DescriptionFactoryImpl.createServiceDescription(DescriptionFactoryImpl.java:133) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.impl.DescriptionFactoryImpl.createServiceDescription(DescriptionFactoryImpl.java:79) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.description.DescriptionFactory.createServiceDescription(DescriptionFactory.java:76) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.spi.ServiceDelegate.(ServiceDelegate.java:212) at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.spi.Provider.createServiceDelegate(Provider.java:71) at javax.xml.ws.Service.(Service.java:67)

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