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I want to switch to MongoDB for my database system. I have a Player class and I basically want to save that to the database. In the player class is a name, rank and a list of purchased items. What is the best way to store all this in MongoDB? I can create a document for the player but are you able to store a list in there? Thanks.

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Yeah you can store arrays into mongodb first create a player document like this


you can insert the empty list at the time of creation like below or it will dynamically create when you update the document.

 db.player.insert({name:"xxx",rank:1,purchases:[]});//empty array optional

after creating the document you can update document with array like this


It will create document like this:

{ "_id" : 1234,
  “name": “xxxx”,
  "rank": 1,
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Sure you can store list, look at MongoDB embedded documents

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Yes, you can use and store Arrays in MongoDB.

Check out this article. It will help you a lot:

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