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At first: I know there were some similar topics and I wrote some code according to them (as seeing below). I'm new in Facebook api so I'm a little bit lost :D
Anyway, my app has to get all wall posts and comments but I'm not able to get it all. Could anyone help me please? Here are my methods:

public static void getFacebookPosts(String url){            
                  LoggedFacebookClient client = new LoggedFacebookClient();

                  Page page = client.fetchObject(url, Page.class);  
                  Connection<Post> pageFeed = client.fetchConnection(page.getId() + "/feed", Post.class);

            //Getting posts:
                  for (List<Post> feed : pageFeed){
                        for (Post post : feed){     
                             //PRINTING THE POST 
                             getAllPostComments(post.getId(), client);
            }catch(com.restfb.exception.FacebookOAuthException ex){
                  System.out.println("\n!!!!!!! Token Expired !!!!!!!!\n");

private static void getAllPostComments(String postId, DefaultFacebookClient client){
            int currentCount = 0;
            JsonObject jsonObject = client.fetchObject(postId + "/comments", JsonObject.class, 
                  Parameter.with("summary", true), Parameter.with("limit", 1));
            long commentsTotalCount = jsonObject.getJsonObject("summary").getLong("total_count");

            boolean pom = true;
            while(pom == true){       //There should be "while(currentCount < commentsTotalCount)" but currentCount is always < then commentsTotalCount. That's the problem :)
                  pom = false;
                  Connection<Comment> comments = client.fetchConnection(postId + "/comments", 
                        Comment.class, Parameter.with("limit", 50000), Parameter.with("offset", currentCount));

                  for(Comment komentar : comments.getData()){
                        pom = true;
                        String mess = komentar.getMessage().replaceAll("\n", " ").replaceAll("\r", " ");
                        System.out.println("    [" + currentCount + "]: " + komentar.getFrom().getName() + " ## " + mess);
            celkemKomentu += commentsTotalCount;
            System.out.println(currentCount + " / " + commentsTotalCount);

and here is the way I get the acces token:

public LoggedFacebookClient(){
       AccessToken accessToken = this.obtainAppAccessToken(API_KEY, APP_SECRET);
       this.accessToken = accessToken.getAccessToken();

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. Thanks a lot and sorry if my English isn't perfect.

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