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I am trying to find all the brothers of a person.. I have created the following rule..

    find_all_brothers(Z):- findall(X,brother(X,Z),X0),write(X0).

This works however, if a person has more then one brother then it will only find a single brother.. I'm assuming I have to use recursion somehow but I'm a little stuck!

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findall will find all of them. Can you show what your prolog facts look like for brother? –  lurker Feb 22 at 17:20
Will it!? Oh dear haha! Ok Ill add them up now thanks! :) –  bdavies6086 Feb 22 at 17:22
Well, depending... see my answer. :) –  lurker Feb 22 at 17:32
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If you have relationships such as:

brother(sam, bill).
brother(bill, fred).

And you want to find all of bill's brothers, you'll need to do a little more:

find_all_brothers(Z) :-
    findall(X, (brother(X, Z) ; brother(Z, X)), X0), write(X0).

To avoid any redundant members of the list, setof will sort and provide only unique members:

find_all_brothers(Z) :-
    setof(X, (brother(X, Z) ; brother(Z, X)), X0), write(X0).
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Ahh that's solved it! Thanks! :) –  bdavies6086 Feb 22 at 17:43
Rather setof/3 ... –  false Feb 22 at 17:47
@false yes, I considered setof. I wasn't sure if it was necessary in this case depending upon how the OPs facts and rules were set up. setof is certainly safer. –  lurker Feb 22 at 17:56
Is the order of solutions relevant? Are redundant solutions important? In those cases, findall/3 would be OK. Otherwise setof/3 is preferable, even if it fails for the case where the Goal fails. –  false Feb 22 at 17:59
Yep, those are good questions whose answers aren't necessarily clear from the original question. –  lurker Feb 22 at 18:01
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