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I would like to know why some people use;

and others use


What's the difference?


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[0].click() would be used if the variable element contains an array of elements and they are grabbing the first index – Popo Feb 22 '14 at 17:46
What is element? Completely depends. The [] operator is a member access operator. So the use in your question is getting the 0 member of the element object. So the first code calls .click() on the object itself, and the second calls .click() on the value of the [0] member. – cookie monster Feb 22 '14 at 18:03
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Assuming element is a jQuery object, triggers a click event on a set of HTML elements that the element consists of. It's the same as calling element.trigger("click")

element[0].click() is invoking the click method on a DOM node (not jQuery object) that is the first in the set that element consists of.

See (first case)

and (second case)

for further reference.

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They are very different, so they would be used in different contexts.

One calls click on the first element of an array, the other calls click directly on whatever element is

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