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I use Qt Creator and this code :

CreateProcess(NULL,string("curl -F \"api_key=XXX\" -F \"filetype=mp3\" -F \"track=@"+execpath+"\\sound.mp3\" \"http://developer.echonest.com/api/v4/track/upload\"").c_str(), NULL, NULL, TRUE, CREATE_NO_WINDOW, NULL, NULL, &startupinfo, &procinfo); // Send sound.mp3 to be analyzed by Echonest

generate this issue:

invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'LPSTR {aka char*}

How to solve it?

Note that I have defined :


in my .pro file

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note that execpath is a string –  AmirH Feb 22 at 17:48
solved, I've converted to LPSTR : CreateProcess(NULL,(LPSTR) string("... –  AmirH Feb 22 at 17:53
Don't do that; it's not a solution. If the parameter is non-const, it means the function can change it. You don't want it changing a string's c_str(). Give the function something that can be modified. –  chris Feb 22 at 17:56
Qt Creator is an IDE. It's use is not very relevant here. Perhaps it is a Qt project - then you should be using QProcess. –  Kuba Ober Feb 22 at 23:21
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You need to read documentation on CreateProcess() carefully. Second argument is marked as inout, meaning the function would (in this case, could) modify the value pointed to.

If you're going to make a cast the way you mention in comments, it is better to not only add a comment but also probably use ANSI function explicitly (thus calling CreateProcessA()) just in case.

Also, Qt has its own way of creating processes. You could refer to QProcess documentation.

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