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I want to load ajax resonse data into dropdown list. I have one dropdown list on my page. I just want to load ajax response data which will contain list of options into dropdown list.

This is my dropdown.

<select title="Basic example" id="muliSelect6" class="multipleCheckbox" multiple="multiple" name="example-basic6[]" size="5">


I am using the following ajax script :

                url: "GetPerPersonData.php",
                type: "POST",
                data:           {
             building: $('#muliSelect1').val(),wing:$('#muliSelect3').val()

                success: function(data) 


I am getting the response as a list of options as following

<option value="yogesh">Yogesh kale</option>

But it does not get loaded in dropdown list. So please help me in getting the output correctly.

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remove this line : $("#muliSelect6").empty(); –  Awlad Liton Feb 22 at 18:38
yes...ok...but I want to clear dropdown before loading options into it...then what should i use? –  Yogesh k Feb 22 at 18:50
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Use append instead of HTML

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can you please tell me how to clear dropdown list before loading data...? –  Yogesh k Feb 23 at 17:13
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