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Considering the following constructor function, CoffeeScript compile in such a way that only the two functions at the end are returned.

How can I return every property so that I can directly access the properties of objects created using this factory?

createPerson = (firstName, lastName, age) ->
  firstName = firstName
  lastName = lastName
  age = age

  sayHi: ->
    console.log "Hi there"

  sayAge: ->
    console.log "My age is #{age}"

This is really easy to achieve using CoffeeScript's Class system but in this case I'm trying the simpler way and surprisingly failing to find a way to do it.


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Normally you'd just use a class in CoffeeScript rather than trying to do it yourself:

class Person
  constructor: (@firstName, @lastName, @age) ->
  sayHi: ->
    console.log "Hi there"
  sayAge: ->
    console.log "My age is #{@age}"

and then create new people with new Person:

p = new Person('Pancakes', 'McGee', 42)

Note the @ for instance variables in both the constructor function definition and inside sayAge.

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Im aware of the class functionality provided by CoffeeScript, although im exploring the basic methods available in javascript so I can further understand both. I hope this makes sense. – Luis Martins Feb 23 '14 at 15:11
Maybe you could clarify what you're trying to return. Odds are you'd do it exactly the same way you'd do it JavaScript. – mu is too short Feb 23 '14 at 17:49

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