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How could i append some text to html textarea with help of jQuery library, so, that html tag's are not as text, but as formatted html tag's (see result of div tagging, not text ). now i have such js:


var currentVal = $('#article_comment_text').val();
$('#article_comment_text').val(currentVal + '<div class="quote-heading">' + comment_author + "  " + comment_date + '</div>' + '<div class="comment-quoted">' + comment_text + '</div>');


is it real? and how could i do, that text, which append to textarea is styled, not just views as text etc?

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Textareas don't render their value/content as HTML. Maybe you are looking for a contenteditable div, or you simply render the content in a div as preview. –  Felix Kling Feb 22 at 18:49
@FelixKling i need it for commenting.... how can i do than? maybe just to hide <div> in textarea and change for example to some <quote> but just for userview –  Valdis Azamaris Feb 22 at 18:56
As I said, you cannot render HTML inside a textarea. I'm not sure what you mean by "I need it for commenting". If you want to show to the user how their comment would look like, show it in a separate div (just like Stack Overflow does it for questions and answers). –  Felix Kling Feb 22 at 18:58
You need to use contenteditable div as Felix Kling suggestion. Check my answer. –  Felix Feb 22 at 19:04
@FelixKling ok i will take a look, i want to do something like SMF forum do, hm ) i understand that i couldn't explain what i want normal))) you say a good try, just that with such edition - user didn't must see this html code in textarea, but it must be send via post request as textarea value –  Valdis Azamaris Feb 22 at 19:21

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If i get your question right ? So, There is noway to insert HTML inside <textarea></textarea> so it isn't formated ! You have to make a clone of textarea,with a property of contenteditable;

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To correct way to get the value of a textarea is .val, not .text. –  Felix Kling Feb 22 at 18:57
Both are same its up to you,, but its my suggestion that if want to add custom style inside text area then you have to use contenteditable property on a cloned HTML element. –  Ashish Mishra Feb 22 at 18:59
I update it, and sorry for the .val() and .text() but both are same.. –  Ashish Mishra Feb 22 at 19:00


You cannot render HTML inside textarea, you need to use contenteditable div:

<div class="textarea" contenteditable="true">This is a test</div>

Then you can do something like:

$('.textarea').html(function() {
    return '<strong>' + $(this).html() + '</strong>';

Fiddle Demo

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Doesn't work: jsfiddle.net/EcDKt –  Felix Kling Feb 22 at 18:54
You're correct. Fixed, Thanks :) –  Felix Feb 22 at 19:03

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