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I am on Mac OS X Mavericks and using Firefox as my browser.

I am trying to associate a simple shell script (see below) with a custom mime type.

cd /Users/
cp $1 ./sundae.txt

I have tried:

(1) I tried to directly associate the custom mime type (.abc) with the shell script in firefox (preferences: applications. I could not because it was greyed out. (2) I went to the following site: and I "appified" my shell script to make it an .app file. I was then able to associate this .abc mime type with this new app file.

When I try to open this mime type in the browser OR launch it from the command line, the browser will execute the app but nothing happens. The file is not copied to a new file (the goal of the script).

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As an aside, you should use double quotes around "$1". – tripleee Feb 22 '14 at 20:11
I presume you have made your script executable, with "chmod +x scriptname"? When you say "launch from command line" do you mean "open scriptname"? What is the parameter $1 supposed to be - where does it come from? – Mark Setchell Feb 22 '14 at 22:24
Are you sure "$1" is an absolute pathname? In case it isn't, changing the working directory with cd /Users/ will make things fail. You probably should not change working directory at all, as it's completely useless and instead use "/Users/sundae.txt" as your target for cp. You might also want to check that you actually have write permissions to /Users/sundae.txt. – Sami Laine Feb 23 '14 at 4:56

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