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I am looking for only PHP. NOT javaScript.

I have a drop down which has 1 of the 15 week. If i chooses any value from that drop down it should go to selected page and say..

Welcome you have selected week #

if (isset($_POST['attendance'])) {
} else if (isset($_POST['handout'])) {
} else if (isset($_POST['assignment'])) {
<form action="#" method="post"  >
<p>Welcome Professor Mr.XYZ !</p><br/><br/>
<select name="sweek">
    for($i=1;$i<=15;$i++)<!--i am populating dropdown with 15 weeks-->
        echo "<option value='Week$i'> Week $i</option>";
<input type="submit" name="attendance" value="Attendance" />
<input type="submit" name="handout" value="Handout" />
<input type="submit" name="assignment" value="Assignment" />

Can anyone help please

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Not possible with just php or html, you could do it if you made the user click a submit button though. –  Kyle Needham Feb 22 '14 at 20:45

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To post to two differenet pages you need to post to one and then redirect to the other. But you can't redirect with post data in PHP.

You'd need to use get instead of post. To transform post to get you can do:

$get = http_build_query($_POST) . "\n";
header('Location: otherpage?' . $get);
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