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I created a new Grails project in GGTS 3.4.0. But whenever I am going to import any grails specific class, it's not recognized and I am getting error.

For example, I tried to import grails.rest.Resource, but GGTS is showing an error: Groovy:unable to resolve class grails.rest.Resource

What might be the problem? I cleaned the project and refreshed dependencies multiple times, but no help!

Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks folks!


I could resolve the problem by updating the grails version to 2.3.6 as grails.rest.Resource was added in grails 2.3 as suggested by tim_yates.

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That class was added to grails 2.3 what version are you using? – tim_yates Feb 22 '14 at 20:52
I am using Grails 2.2 currently..downloading 2.3.6 right now. But I am unable to import any of the grails classes. Thoughts? – Sandeep Panda Feb 22 '14 at 21:00

I am wondering what grails classes are. Grails is a framework. You can create a grails project by rely on GGTS.And a grails project can contain classes such as .java , .groovy.

About the error you mentioned, I guess a situation.

  • You added a dependency in BuildConfig.groovy. This dependency contains classes that you will use in your code.
  • But, you DID NOT refresh dependencies (in GGTS 3.4, selecct Grails tools > refresh dependencies ).

So, when you refresh dependencies, all dependencies you declared in BuildConfig.groovy will be resolved and loaded to the project classpath.

By this way, your code now can use the classes in the dependency you declared in the BuildConfig.groovy file.

So, I guess that you only declared a dependency contains class grails.rest.Resource, but you didn't perform refresh dependencies. Therefore, you can not use the class grails.rest.Resource in your code anymore.

Hope this help.

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As I said I have refreshed the dependencies multiple times, but it does not help. By grails classes I mean, the annotations and groovy classes that ship as a part of grails framework. However, I could resolve the issue by updating the grails version to 2.3.6 as suggested by tim_yates. – Sandeep Panda Feb 23 '14 at 9:47


enter image description here

STEP2 (run : refresh-dependencies):

enter image description here

if does not work after that ,check your BuilConfig.groovy file .

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