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I am trying to control my Android device's cell service and wifi via the command line ... i.e., via commands inside of a Terminal Emulator.

I know that I can use the svc command to turn wifi on and off ("svc wifi enable" and "svc wifi disable"), but I'm wondering if there are other command-line utilities that I can invoke which do the following things:

  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off.
  • Display the cell signal strength.
  • Force a wifi scan.
  • Retrieve wifi scan results.

I know how to do these things within Java programs, and I also know how to do them under SL4A. However, I'm wondering if there are actual command-line utilities (linux executables) that can be invoked inside of a Terminal Emulator which will perform the functions mentioned above.

PS: I'm running a 4.4.x OS, and the "iwlist" command doesn't seem to be available (it would perform the wifi scan, I believe). Is there an alternative?

Thank you in advance.

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