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I've been trying to call a user defined JavaScript function on a jQuery element, and though I've seen several topics on here about it, I'm still having a bit of trouble applying their logics to my situation. Here's what i've tried so far:

Javscript & jQuery:

    $(document).ready(function() {

// JavaScript function     
     nl2br = function (str, is_xhtml) {
            var breakTag = (is_xhtml || typeof is_xhtml === 'undefined') ? '<br ' + '/>' : '<br>';
            return (str + '').replace(/([^>\r\n]?)(\r\n|\n\r|\r|\n)/g, '$1' + breakTag + '$2');

    // jQuery Call
        if ( ! $('.mediaDesc:contains("p")').length || ! $('.mediaDesc:contains("div")').length || ! $('.mediaDesc:contains("span")').length ) {

    }); //end document ready


<div class="mediaDesc">
Hello World!
I am text on a new line soon to have a br tag before me!    

My goal is to dynamically find div's with a class of mediaDesc to see if their inner content contains html tags such as p,span, or div. If not, then apply the nl2br JavaScript function to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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What happens when you debug this? Are there any errors on the console? Does the jQuery code run at all? Is the if condition satisfied? Do the selectors find the elements you expect them to find? Does your function get called? Step through this in a debugger, you'll be able to find useful information to help us assist you. –  David Feb 22 at 21:26
you're passing an object reference this to nl2br but the argument looks like it requires a string (the content you are trying to affect). IOW it seems perhaps you want something more like this nl2br($(this).html()); –  Crayon Violent Feb 22 at 21:26
Is that the full extend of your javascript? There's several things that are probably causing the issue: 1) Needs to be in a document ready function, so it runs after all the html is rendered: jQuery(function($) { ... put your script in here ... }); - also, I'm not sure, but I believe you'll need to change from nl2br(this) to nl2br($(this)) - there is a difference... - plus, as @CrayonViolent points out, the nlbr() function is set up to parse a string, but you're passing it the element object... –  cale_b Feb 22 at 21:26
@cale_b It is indeed in a document ready function, and I've used the $(this) selector in nl2br as well and the code still does not execute as desired. –  Tower Feb 22 at 21:28
Then it's likely the object-being-passed issue, where the function expects a string. The thing is, you have to change the function to accept the object, or else change how it is called: $(this).val(nlbr($(this).val())); –  cale_b Feb 22 at 21:32

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Based on the current available info, I believe you want something like this:

$(".mediaDesc").each(function () {
    if ($(this).find("p").length == 0 || $(this).find("div").length == 0 || $(this).find("span").length == 0)

edit: fixed mis-use of .contains


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I tried your suggestion as typed but it did not work. I updated my code to reflect the full layout of it's usage to provide better clarification. –  Tower Feb 22 at 21:46
You could throw in some console.log lines to see where it's going wrong; console.log($(this)); as a start, for instance, to see if it's hitting all the .mediaDesc divs properly. I'd probably log the output of the .contains() calls too and see if they're returning expected values. –  Collin Grady Feb 22 at 21:50
Ack, I'm misusing contains; hang on, I'll fix my example –  Collin Grady Feb 22 at 21:54
It worked! Thank you! Though looking at it, how was your code different from mine, not in terms of calling $(this) but as far as the if statement goes? It' essentially the same equivalent to $("element:contains('p')"); –  Tower Feb 22 at 21:59
It's not the same at all - $(".mediaDesc") grabs all elements of that type, not just one. You're then not doing anything with them. You check it, but then call nl2br() on document (which is what this refers to in your code), which has nothing to convert. –  Collin Grady Feb 22 at 22:03

.contains is for searching text within the node. What you want is:

$('.mediaDesc').not(':has(p, div, span)').each(nl2br)

if you need to process the node and only call nl2br with text or html then do:

$('.mediaDesc').not(':has(p, div, span)').each(function(){
    nl2br( $(this).html() )
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