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Specifically for Windows...

I'm trying to figure out how to use the command line to update the "date created" values for a number of folders with the following directory structure...


... where each image has a unique "date created" value and an arbitrary extension.

Previously, these images were all in the same \directory\, like so...


The size of \directory\ grew so large that I decided to put each image into its own folder named after itself. I've been able to get this done using a script.

Unfortunately, all the folders have "date created" values that are identical to one another. I need each folder to have the same "date created" value as the image it contains.

tl;dr How can I update the "date created" value of a series of folders in the same directory to match the "date created" of the file it contains?

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In the NTFS file system the folder takes the last-written date, and changes dynamically. Folders in FAT32 formatted file system have a static date. –  foxidrive Feb 23 at 14:00
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