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I have a gradle plugin that calls some ant tasks.

I want to set the ant tasks classpath based on a configuration in the plugins's build file

My Plugin Build File (Not the project I want to build using the plugin) :

configurations {

dependencies {
    antTask1 'com.something:something:1.0'

I also have my ant task wrapped around a Gradle Task, and I want to reference antTask1

class MyTask extends DefaultTask {
    void executeTask() {
        ant.taskdef(name: 'antTask', classpath: **<WHAT GOES HERE?>**, classname: 'something') {

When I run this, I want the classpath of the anttask to include those dependencies from my build.gradle file (but not the rest of the compile/runtime dependencies)

I tried project.buildscript.configurations but that is referencing something else. I understand if I define those dependencies in the project (that has applied the plugin) build file I can get to them easily, but is there a way to get a plugin's context and it's configuration when running tasks?

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You can use project.configurations.antTask1.asPath for that. The custom configuration is defined for your project's classpath, not for your build script's classpath. That's why you won't find it via project.buildscript. I'd recommend reading up on the difference in the Gradle online user guide.

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project.configurations.antTask1.asPath only works if I put it in my project's build.gradle. Is there to access the plugin's build.gradle configurations? –  loosebazooka Feb 24 at 7:30

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