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I just wanted to know the meaning and the situations where DataModel is used in JSF. I was not able to get a clear picture of it in the Java EE doc here.

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I find the linked javadoc quite clear:

DataModel is an abstraction around arbitrary data binding technologies that can be used to adapt a variety of data sources for use by JavaServer Faces components that support per-row processing for their child components.

DataModel is used as a wrapper class to the data you want to display in a component supporting a per-row processing. This is typically the case of h:dataTable.

There is for instance ResultSetDataModel which is a subclass of DataModel and helps to display a SQL ResultSet in a h:dataTable. Without the ResultSetDataModel abstraction, you would have to transform the underlying ResultSet into a normal Collection. Thanks to ResultSetDataModel you don't have to do any transformation and you can plug the ResultSet directly in the JSF component.

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