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basically i don't know anything about arduino devices. im doing a final year project in my university which needs to,

get vibration signals (to identify a physical impact) using an arduino processor and to pass the signals to my android smartphone via bluetooth.

Please be kind enough to share your knowledge about this scenario and guide me through the arduino products which i need to buy for this project. (i searched online and some articles say, arduino bluetooth cannot be used to transfer data between android. plus there were so many arduino devices and i cant identify the devices which i need for my requirements.)

please be kind enough to guide me. Thanks in advance! cheers

http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/Knock#.UwnGx_mSzlZ (vibration sensor which i found)

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A microphone or a reversed speaker for a vibration sensor (you don't need a geophone, I suppose). And an HC-06 to send and receive data (ASCII chars) through a bluetooth carrier. –  Funkystein Feb 23 at 10:25

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