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I want to create a Web Api application where my users (using the built in AspNet Identity) can have multiple Books.

How do I wire this up?

I think that by extending the IdentityUser class I can add additional info of the user. But how can I match my relations with the Books?

So let's say we have:

public class BookUser:IdentityUser
    public virtual ICollection<Book> ReadedBooks {get;set;}

public class Book
    public int Id{get;set;}
    public string Title {get;set;}
    public virtual Author {get;set;}
    public int AuthorId {get;set;}

And I create a DbContext:

public BookContext: DbContext
     public DbSet<Book> Books {get;set;}
     //Do I need a DbSet for BookUser?? Will that be already created by the UserManager<Bookuser>??

public override OnModelCreating(){
     //How do I wire everything up?

So I do have a blank Web Api (2, MVC5) project. I want to have two other projects; Books.Entity and Books.DataAccess.

Any ideas??

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