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Currently I am looping over 3 thousand times in order to insert posts using the wp_insert_post() etc.

All these queries are a lot of hopping forward and back to the MySQL database. Do you know if it is possible to bulk all these queries as one query?

Thanks in advance.

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how big is your each post? is your PHP memory webserver enough to do this? –  randytan Feb 23 '14 at 11:53
Each post is about 7 fields, yea i'll probably have to increase memory :s –  TheNickyYo Feb 23 '14 at 12:04
@TheNickYo can you explain further?, i think this can be done using MySQL stored procedure query. –  randytan Feb 23 '14 at 12:06

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One idea would be to format all the posts you would like to insert in the WordPress eXtended RSS (WXR) file format.

If you manage, then you can load all the posts in one shot using the built-in WordPress import utility.

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