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As the title says, is it still possible to check a user's status (online, offline, busy...) on Skype after the (big) change in its API service? Developers section seems very very limited now:

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Yes there is.

There are some urls wich can be used to detect the online status.

This gives a text with the statusname (e.g. away or online)

This gives you a numeric skype statuscode (see list below)

This gives an xml output including numeric statuscode and statustext in diffent languages

At last you have urls which show diffent status icon images:

Replace "smallicon" or "smallclassic" with the image you like. (Possible values: balloon, bigclassic, smallclassic, smallicon, mediumicon, dropdown-white, dropdown-trans)

In PHP The best way is to use my function:

   * @version: 1.0 (2014-05-13
   * @param: String $username             Skype Username
   * @param: [String $lang]               Languagecode (possible values 2014-05-13: "en", "fr", "de","ja", "zh-cn", "zh-tw", "pt", "pt-br", "it", "es", "pl" , "pl"
   * @param: [String $img_time]           Typ im Status Image wich you like to show (Possible values: 2014-05-13: balloon, bigclassic, smallclassic, smallicon, mediumicon, dropdown-white, dropdown-trans)
   * @return array                        "num" = Skype Statuscode, "text" = Statustext (Away" ect.), "img_url" url to Statuscode Image
  function getSkypeStatus($username, $lang = "de", $img_type = "mediumicon")
    $url = "".$username.".xml";
    $data = @file_get_contents($url);

    $status = array();
    if($data === false)
      $status = array("num" =>0,
                      "text"=>"http error"
      if(isset($http_response_header)) $status["error_info"] = $http_response_header;
      $pattern = '/xml:lang="NUM">(.*)</';
      preg_match($pattern,$data, $match);

      $status["num"] = $match[1];

      $pattern = '/xml:lang="' . $lang .'">(.*)</';
      preg_match($pattern,$data, $match);

      $status["text"]    = $match[1];
      $status["img_url"] = "".$img_type."/".$username;
    return $status;


$status = getSkypeStatus("YourSkypeName"); // Minimal
$status = getSkypeStatus("YourSkypeName","de");  // with defined language for Statustext
$status = getSkypeStatus("YourSkypeName","de", "mediumicon"); // with specified image 

// to display status Icon:

echo '<img src="'.$status["img_url"].'" alt="'.$status["text"].'" title="'.$status["text"].'">';

// or if you like to do you own code for different status

  case 7:
  case 2: echo "You are online"; break;
  default: echo "you are offline or in away state";

Possible Status messages (in english) are

  • http error: Error to get the api data e.g. problems with internet
  • connection Unknown: Not opted in or no data available. Offline:
  • The user is Offline Online: The user is Online Away:
  • The user is Away Not Available: The user is Not Available Do Not
  • Disturb: The user is Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • Invisible: The user is Invisible or appears Offline
  • Skype Me: The user is in Skype Me mode

Possible numeric Statuscodes:

  • case 0 = Unknown
  • case 1 = Offline
  • case 2 = Online
  • case 3 = Away
  • case 4 = Not Available
  • case 5 = Do Not Disturb
  • case 6 = Invisible
  • case 7 = Skype Me

I god these informations from following threads:

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What if I have a dot in my username? – Darmen Dec 11 '14 at 10:36
It should also work if your name includes a dot. If not try the function from Boann here: it should replace everything with the html % code. – Radon8472 Dec 12 '14 at 19:38
1<skype login> link not works: <html><body><b>Http/1.1 Service Unavailable</b></body> </html> – SanŚ́́́́Ý́́́́Ś́́́́ May 27 '15 at 9:22
Hmm ... maybe microsoft changed this api too after they bought skype :( – Radon8472 May 27 '15 at 14:49
Those URLs don't appear to work anymore for me... DNS error I believe. – ColinMcDermott Aug 17 '15 at 14:56

UPDATE 2014-12-19:

It is important to know: checking a skype status works ONLY if the user has enabled "my status in internet" or "Mein Status darf im Netz veröffentlicht werden" (in german). Otherwise the status is alway "offline"

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Feature is not supported since May 2015

The checkbox disappeared from Skype Options.


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