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I have a document with no "timeCreated" field. I would like to get all the entries from the last 30 minutes. Iv'e heard that the _id field contains the time created logic within it.

How can i do that?


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getTimestamp() will give you the date/time from the ObjectId.

You can do the following

var oldest = new Date(new Date() - new Date(30 * 60000));
db.collection.find().sort({ _id: -1 }).forEach(function(item) {
  if (item._id.getTimestamp() > oldest){
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how can i use the (item._id.getTimestamp() > oldest) to filter the result set? –  Urbanleg Feb 23 at 14:52
What exactly are you trying to do? –  Yev Feb 23 at 14:53
myDocument.find(/**where**/ _id.getTime < myDate) –  Urbanleg Feb 23 at 14:55
I'm trying to figure that out right now :) –  Yev Feb 23 at 14:58
Thanks:) that will be really helpfull –  Urbanleg Feb 23 at 15:01

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