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Sorry for the simple question, my background is as a Ruby and Ruby on Rails developer and I have started to look at functional programming languages,

I am working for a internet banking start up and feel Ruby on Rails is not the appropriate language to use and I need to use a functional language such as Scala or OCaml.

Can anyone tell which one to choose OCaml or Scala.

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I am in a similar condition, Ruby and C# developer (Object-Oriented Programmer) looking to learn Functional Programming (FP). I decided to go for Scala because I like this points about it:

  • Combines FP and OOP, and this is a real advantage for real projects.
  • Compiles in Java so you can use the Java libraries and stack.
  • Several Web Frameworks built for Scala and Java: Play Framework,
  • Akka, Sprint, etc.
  • It is in high demand nowadays (invests related mainly) and I think it will continue.
  • You can find several online free courses like the Coursera ones.
  • And more I am missing now for sure ...

But also remember that you can do some bits in FP with Ruby. It will help you to set the stage for FP. Check this articles out https://code.google.com/p/tokland/wiki/RubyFunctionalProgramming http://www.slideshare.net/nirusuma/functional-programming-and-ruby-in-functional-style http://www.sitepoint.com/functional-programming-techniques-with-ruby-part-i/ http://www.slideshare.net/tokland/functional-programming-with-ruby-9975242

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Hi Rafa, thank you for the brilliant reply, have a look OCaml Trading on you tube by Yaron Minsky from www.janestreet.com, I started to look at scala, its play web framework and its currency framework akka, but then a friend also mentioned Ocaml –  user3151623 Feb 23 at 23:22

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