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A similar question has been asked on this matter: Breeze work-around for multi valued property queries

Well, that works for one-one-many. i.e parent entity may have one child which in turn has many children.

My scenario is : A product has many units, a particular unit has many barcodes.

var predicateBarcode = Predicate.create('units.barcodes','any','barcode', 'eq', searchText());

 var query = EntityQuery.from('Products')
             // .take(10)
             .where(predicateBarcode );
            return manager.executeQuery(query)

Executing the Query gives an error:

The parent value for a property access of a property 'barcodes' is not a single value. Property access can only be applied to a single value.

I've changed the predicate to:

var predicateBarcode = Predicate.create('units','any','barcodes','any','barcode', 'eq', searchText());

which gives another error:

The Any/All nesting limit of '1' has been exceeded. 'MaxAnyAllExpressionDepth' can be configured on ODataQuerySettings or QueryableAttribute

Is there any way around this? Help is appreciated.

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The answer is here:stackoverflow.com/questions/21775107/… –  lnu Feb 23 '14 at 19:17
You can also be interested by that one:stackoverflow.com/questions/21635376/… –  lnu Feb 23 '14 at 19:22
Thanks @lnu. changed the MaxAnyAllExpressionDepth property in my controller and it worked. I voted up for your answer. –  Adel Sal Feb 23 '14 at 19:59

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Given the predicate:

var predicateBarcode = Predicate.create('units','any','barcodes','any','barcode', 'eq', searchText());

I have added the MaxAnyAllExpressionDepthproperty to my breeze controller :

[BreezeController(MaxAnyAllExpressionDepth = 2)]

Thanks to @lnu..

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I just ran into this error myself. I am able to set MaxAnyAllExpressionDepth for the BreezeController attribute (I mean the compiler didn't complain), but it didn't eliminate the error. Maybe that is a bug ... not sure. But I will say that when I moved the value to the EnableBreezeQuery attribute the error did go away. –  steve May 8 at 18:04

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