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I plan developing Windows Phone 8 map application and think of using standard wp8 maps (Nokia) and map controls. It will be a fleet maagement/customers' devices location control application.

May I use standard maps used in wp8 and classes such as Microsoft.Phone.Maps, Microsoft.Phone.Maps.Controls?

On the first side, on the page there is info:

Developers can use the APIs and library for any applications published in Windows Phone Store. The Windows Phone 8 Maps API and HERE launchers are available free of charge for all developers.

But on the other side, when you enter "full terms and conditions" there is point 3 "Use Restrictions" where we can find like

You may not: (...)

  • use the Mapping APIs for business asset tracking, fleet management, or dispatch;
  • use the Mapping APIs in connection with any internal business application which (a) is directly related to the operation of your core business or the core business of your customers, and (b) the sole users of such application are your employees, contactors or customers;

Does it mean my fleet maagement/customers' devices location control application can't use any Microsoft maps control code? (even with tiles from other source like OSM) If so, what are the other options/libraries?

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Your application CAN use the Windows Phone 8 Maps API, but CAN'T use the Mapping APIS. Those are two different APIs: the first one is what you need to use (show points, routes, etc.), the second one is to create a map image, I mean, create roads, avenues, etc.

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