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I'm working on a simple implementation of a caching system of OpenCV matrices. As part of it I'm continuously loading and releasing cv::Mat objects by simply dereferencing it as:

cv::Mat mat = ...

mat = cv::Mat();

When dealing with matrices of type CV_8U, memory is not being released and returned to the OS while it does for matrices of type CV_32F.

A sample program reproducing the problem is:

#include <opencv2/core/core.hpp>

int main(int argc, char **argv) {

    printf("-- Loading matrix of ones, press enter to continue...");


    cv::Mat mat = cv::Mat::ones(3000, 32, CV_8U);

    printf("-- Freeing memory, press enter to continue...");


    mat = cv::Mat();

    printf("-- Done, press enter to continue...");


    return 0;

When using type CV_32F memory is effectively released and returned to the OS while for type CV_8U it doesn't. To check if memory is free I'm simply looking at the System Process Monitor.

My system is an Ubuntu 12.10 over a x86_64 architecture. I'm using g++ 4.7.2 as compiler and OpenCV bundled with ROS Groovy which I installed through the PPA.

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There is a release member function to free a cv::Mat, can you try with this function? –  AldurDisciple Feb 23 at 17:39
Thanks, I forgot to mention I tried that already but I'm obtaining the same result. In addition I understand that cv::Mat uses a reference counting mechanism which automatically deallocates memory when the counter becomes zero which is precisely what cv::Mat::release does, decrement the reference counter to zero. This happens as well when it goes out of scope or in my case when I rewrite mat's header. –  gantzer89 Feb 23 at 18:19
I'm on Win7_x64 with VS2010 and I can't reproduce the problem with OpenCV 2.4.8: the memory is correctly allocated then freed. Didn't tried with OpenCV 2.4.6. A solution maybe to recompile OpenCV for your platform ? –  AldurDisciple Feb 23 at 18:41
Also, did you try with a larger matrix size, such as 30000x1000, to make the allocation and releasing more obvious ? –  AldurDisciple Feb 23 at 18:53
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