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I've found this tips great. But some years ago, I had some programs that popped up an alert every hour or so (Tea Break or something like that was the name of the program).

Does anybone know a good, non-intrusive program that indicates me when it's time to have a break? When I'm deep coding, I loose the notion of time, so some kind of notification program would be great to reduce eye strain.

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WorkRave: http://www.workrave.org/welcome/

It's also free

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Workrave is highly customisable and available on both Linux and Windows.

The site also contains a comparison chart with other free and open source anti RSI tools.

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I wrote something like that in Gtk# for Gnome Desktop, I just give for example 30 minutes, it will lock my screen with a customized text in front what I wrote earlier. I've done that because when I have a meeting or I must go to work or I am working and I am very very concentrated I forget things, so I've written my own app for that purpose. If somebody want it I will translate it in English (because it is in my native language - Albanian) and I will upload the code somewhere :)

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Emacs comes with type-break. To activate it, M-x type-break-mode .

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I'm using EyeDefender, but workrave looks pretty good too.

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