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Using the google timezone API I've put in the following request:


It returns the following JSON:

   "dstOffset" : 0,
   "rawOffset" : -21600,
   "status" : "OK",
   "timeZoneId" : "America/Mexico_City",
   "timeZoneName" : "Central Standard Time"

It says Central Standard Time but the coodrinates are clearly in the Pacific timezone.

Google Map: http://goo.gl/AZrp2P

This seems to be happening when I get close to the ocean. Is this a problem on Google's end? Do you think there is a solution for me?

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They're giving me a clearly wrong dstOffset for Paris..should be 2 hrs, they're saying one. Sounds like another neglected google product that we should not depend too much on.. –  noli Jun 3 at 0:41

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