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I am generating a plot with xyplot from the lattice package. I use the following command:

xyplot(Y ~ X | Bench, dt, type = 'o')

And this is the result:

sample image

On the Y axis there is a tick without label (0.85). Is there any way to force lattice to print a label next to the tick (as it does for all the others: 1.00, 0.95 and 0.90)?

EDIT: I'm aware of some "manual" ways to tweak a plot in such a way that all the ticks have a corresponding label. But the methods I know of depend on the actual data being plotted, and they may require adjustments if the data changes. I'm looking for an automatic solution to this. Like some sort of flag that instructs xyplot not to leave a tick without its associated label. Of course, it might just happen such a flag does not exist... Knowing that would be helpful too.

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Use the ylim argument. –  Richard Scriven Feb 23 at 23:41
namely ylim = range(Y) –  Richard Scriven Feb 23 at 23:57
@RScriv I know that I can tweak a plot with ylim until all the ticks have a label. I was looking for a more general solution. Something to force lattice to use a label if there is a tick. –  betabandido Feb 23 at 23:58

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You can specify axis tick locations explicitly using the scales= argument, which skips the automatic axis label clipping:

xyplot(..., scales=list(y=list(at=seq(.85, 1, .05)), x=list(at=...)))

EDIT: Here you go, more automated:

axis.overlap <- function(..., components) {
  components$bottom$labels$check.overlap <- FALSE
  axis.default(..., components=components)

Then anytime you want to include axis-overlapping labels, you can specify:

xyplot(Y ~ X | Bench, dt, axis=axis.overlap)

or wrap it as you please:

xyplot2 <- function(..., axis=axis.overlap) xyplot(..., axis=axis)

xyplot2(Y ~ X | Bench, dt)
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Thanks for the tip. But I have updated my question to make it clear that I'm looking for an automated solution, rather than an ad hoc one. –  betabandido Feb 24 at 1:13
Thanks for the follow up. It works really well :) –  betabandido Feb 25 at 6:01

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