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I am using the following php zip creating function: http://davidwalsh.name/create-zip-php

I'm creating the zip file using the following code:

$files_to_zip = array(

$result = create_zip($files_to_zip,'my-archive.zip');

Problem is the method above requires the files to be in the same directory or sub directories within the same directory. However, I have files that I need to zip from different locations so i've created my array like this:

$files_to_zip = array(

Although the zip file creates using the array with absolute path, it seems to be emty and corupt, but the size of the zip file seems to match what it is supposed to be.

Any ideas how I can use absolute paths in this?


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IMHO you should use z ZipArchive class from Zip extension: pl1.php.net/ziparchive, pl1.php.net/zip. Way better than old functions found over the net. –  Andrzej Ośmiałowski Feb 23 at 22:21

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