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I'm having trouble controlling Sphinx's autodoc feature.

My directory structure is:

+ projname
  Scheduler.py containing class Scheduler
+ docs

conf.py contains:

sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('../projname'))

And index.rst contains:

.. automodule:: Scheduler

This does what I want, except that the generated Scheduler class documentation comes out as:

class Scheduler.Scheduler()
...[all the methods etc documented correctly]¶

I could live with that, but in order to cross reference the class elsewhere, I have to refer to is as


which leads to horribly ungainly documentation.

How do I persuade autodoc to omit the module name from the class documentation - I think it must be possible as other package documentation does seem to have it?

  • Charles
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Found the answer on the Sphinx google groups mailing list [I wish Google would search its own groups?] For the references I can use the syntax: :class:.Scheduler The HTML doesn't have the leading '.', and puts in the link correctly. This also works with meth and attr links. –  CharlesW Feb 24 at 22:35

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I think the ..currentmodule directive will help you here.

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