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My question pertains to checking the state of the messages app, and whether a reply is currently being typed. I'm aware that on a non-jailbroken device, it is impossible to access the database of text messages, but I figured this might be a bit different?

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Do you mean iMessage? –  sangony Feb 23 at 23:09
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No, it's not possible. Apps should not access other apps, that's what Apple calls app sandboxing:


The purpose of a sandbox is to limit the damage that a compromised app can cause to the system. Sandboxes do not prevent attacks from happening to a particular app and it is still your responsibility to code defensively to prevent attacks.

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there goes my million dollar invention! why doesn't apple understand not everyone wants to hack other people's phones. –  chris Feb 24 at 0:17
I cannot answer that. Unfortunately, I am not in the iOS dev team ;) –  atxe Feb 24 at 11:19
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