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I can't seems to change the default color of the required field validator. In the source it is:

<span class="required">*</span>
<asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID="valReq_txtTracks" runat="server"
    Display="Dynamic" />

Here's what I have in my .skin file:

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" 
    ErrorMessage="required" />

In the rendered source I see:

<span class="required">*</span>
<span id="ctl00_ctl00_cphContent_cphContent_valReq_txtTracks" class="error-text" style="color:Red;display:none;">required</span>

Notice the "style=color:Red;". That needs to go. I can't override it with a css-class because it's inline CSS. What should I do?

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There is a RequiredFieldValidator.ForeColor property you can set to control the color. Note that if you want to set the color in CSS, then you need to set ForeColor="" to clear it on the control.

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I added ForeColor="" to the .skin file and that did the trick, thanks! – craigmoliver Oct 20 '08 at 20:39

I know this an old thread, but I ran into this another day. It's kind of odd that setting style sheet does not override the text color of the validator. In my case, I had a whole bunch of different validators and extended validators that I wanted to override text color for, so instead of a theme and skin file, I created custom control adapter that handles rendering of BaseValidator control. Inside the rendering method, I just set ForeColor = Color.Empty. Hopefully this helps other people who ran into this situation and want to override text color for all kind of validators (required field, regular expression, compare,...).

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Thanks for your additional answer on this question. I knew that I needed to clear the ForeColor, but the accepted answer of setting it to "" didn't account for the fact that ForeColor is of type System.Drawing.Color now. – Bernard Chen Aug 10 '11 at 6:57
It's actually always been System.Drawing.Color, but if you're setting it on the ASPX page you can use an empty string. In code-behind, Color.Empty is the way to go. – Mark Brackett Nov 16 '15 at 19:39

I read somewhere to use the !important tag in your css class to override the inline css...

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That worked too, but I wanted the color style removed by the engine, not css inheritance. Thanks though! – craigmoliver Oct 20 '08 at 20:43

Did you try to add style attribute with empty string in the skin file:

<asp:RequiredFieldValidator runat="server" 
    ErrorMessage="required" />
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I tried that, it just appended it. – craigmoliver Oct 20 '08 at 20:38
mohammedn, "style" attribute is not present in RequiredFieldValidator ! – Er. Shailesh S. Bankar May 10 at 8:39

Using !important seems to work fine in Firefox and IE, but for some reason not in Google Chrome... no biggie though, Chrome's share is still very low.

    font: bold 15px arial black,arial,verdana,helvetica !important; 
    color: #ff0000 !important;
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