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How to get list of functions that are declared in a php file

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You can get a list of currently defined function by using get_defined_functions():

$arr = get_defined_functions();

Internal functions are at index internal while user-defined function are at index user.

Note that this will output all functions that were declared previous to that call. Which means that if you include() files with functions, those will be in the list as well. There is no way of separating functions per-file other than making sure that you do not include() any file prior to the call to get_defined_functions().

If you must have the a list of functions per file, the following will attempt to retrieve a list of functions by parsing the source.

function get_defined_functions_in_file($file) {
    $source = file_get_contents($file);
    $tokens = token_get_all($source);

    $functions = array();
    $nextStringIsFunc = false;
    $inClass = false;
    $bracesCount = 0;

    foreach($tokens as $token) {
        switch($token[0]) {
            case T_CLASS:
                $inClass = true;
            case T_FUNCTION:
                if(!$inClass) $nextStringIsFunc = true;

            case T_STRING:
                if($nextStringIsFunc) {
                    $nextStringIsFunc = false;
                    $functions[] = $token[1];

            // Anonymous functions
            case '(':
            case ';':
                $nextStringIsFunc = false;

            // Exclude Classes
            case '{':
                if($inClass) $bracesCount++;

            case '}':
                if($inClass) {
                    if($bracesCount === 0) $inClass = false;

    return $functions;

Use at your own risk.

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get_defined_functions() gets all my declared functions from all files, not from exacly one file! – zumrasha Feb 4 '10 at 6:50
@zumrasha: See my updated answer, which will give you a list of available functions per-file basis. – Andrew Moore Feb 4 '10 at 7:16
Anybody using this might want to add T_CURLY_OPEN to the switch to catch strings like "hello {$name}" – Twifty Jan 29 '14 at 18:01

You can use the get_defined_functions() function to get all defined function in your current script.


If you want to get the functions defined in another file, you can try using like this:

$arr = token_get_all(file_get_contents('anotherfile.php'));

Then you can loop through to find function tokens with the symbols defined. The list of tokens can be found

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get_defined_functions() gets all my declared functions from all files, not from exacly one file! – zumrasha Feb 4 '10 at 6:49
updated. you might want to use token_get_all(). If you use includes and requires, the functions defined in the other files will also be defined in this file. – mauris Feb 4 '10 at 6:52

You can use get_defined_functions() before and after you include the file, and look at what gets added to the array the second time. Since they appear to be in order of definition, you can just use the index like this:

  $functions = get_defined_functions();
  $last_index = array_pop(array_keys($functions['user']));
  // Include your file here.
  $functions = get_defined_functions();
  $new_functions = array_slice($functions['user'], $last_index);
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Smart one is this! – Adam Pietrasiak Nov 19 '13 at 11:50

Well for what ever reason if you need to do this I show you:

Example file: Functions.php (I just wrote some random shit does not Mather it works with everything)


    // gewoon een ander php script. door het gebruiken van meerdere includes kun je gemakkelijk samen aan één app werken

    function johannes($fnaam, $mode, $array){

        switch ($mode) {
            case 0:
                echo "
                            he johannes!<br><br>

                            klik hier voor random text:<br>
                            <input type='submit' value='superknop' id='btn' action='randomding' level='0' loadloc='randomshit' />
                            <p id='randomshit'></p>
            case 1:
                echo "bouw formulier";
            case 2:
                echo "verwerk formulier";
                echo "[Error: geen mode gedefinieerd voor functie '$fnaam'!]";

    function randomding($fnaam, $mode, $array){

        $randomar = array('He pipo wat mot je!','bhebhehehehe bheeeee. rara wie ben ik?','poep meloen!','He johannes, wat doeeeeee je? <input type="text" name="doen" class="deze" placeholder="Wat doe je?" /> <input type="button" value="vertellen!" id="btn" action="watdoetjho" level="0" loadloc="hierzo" kinderen="deze"> <p id="hierzo"></p>','knopje de popje opje mopje','abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, doe ook nog mee','Appien is een **p!!!!!! hahhahah<br><br><br><br> hahaha','Ik weet eiegelijk niks meer te verzinnen','echt ik weet nu niks meer','nou oke dan[[][(!*($@#&*$*^éäåðßð','he kijk een microboat: <br> <img src="" alt="microboat" />');

        $tellen = count($randomar);

        $rand = rand(0, $tellen);

        echo $randomar[$rand];

    function watdoetjho($fnaam, $mode, $array){

        $dit = $array['doen'];
        echo "Johannes is: $dit";



We have 3 functions inside here:

  1. johannes
  2. randomding
  3. watdoetjho

But we also call these functions:

  1. count
  2. rand

If we use get_defined_functions we will get all functions inside scope of script. Yes the PHP functions are separated from the user declared ones but still we want from a specific file.

If we use token_get_all we will receive a large amount of data we need to separate first.

I found these number witch we need to make some connections inside the array to match the user functions. Otherwise we will have a list including all of php functions witch are called upon.

The numbers are:

  • 334 (List of all the user declared functions)
  • 307 (List of all the function names)

If we filter the array to take all the 334 elements we have this:

334 -|- function -|- 5

But we need the function name and all the array elements are in relation with the 3rth value. So now we need to filter all the array elements witch match the 3rth value (5) and the constant number 307.

This will give us something like this:

307 -|- johannes -|- 5

Now in PHP it will look like this:

    error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); // Or we get these undefined index errors otherwise use other method to search array

    // Get the file and get all PHP language tokens out of it
    $arr = token_get_all(file_get_contents('Functions.php'));

    //var_dump($arr); // Take a look if you want

    //The array where we will store our functions
    $functions = array();

    // loop trough
    foreach($arr as $key => $value){

            //filter all user declared functions
        if($value[0] == 334){
                   //Take a look for debug sake
            //echo $value[0] .' -|- '. $value[1] . ' -|- ' . $value[2] . '<br>';

                    //store third value to get relation
                    $chekid = $value[2];

            //now list functions user declared (note: The last chek is to ensure we only get the first peace of information about the function witch is the function name, else we also list other function header information like preset values)
        if($value[2] == $chekid && $value[0] == 307 && $value[2] != $old){

                    // just to see what happens
                    echo $value[0] .' -|- '. $value[1] . ' -|- ' . $value[2] . '<br>';
                    $functions[] = $value[1];
                    $old = $chekid; 

Result in this case is:

307 -|- johannes -|- 5
307 -|- randomding -|- 31
307 -|- watdoetjho -|- 43
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If you're not worried about catching some commented out ones, this might be the simplest way:

preg_match_all('/function (\w+)/', file_get_contents(__FILE__), $m);
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do include to the file and try this :

$functions = get_defined_functions();
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I wrote this small function to return the functions in a file.

It returns a simple array of all the function names. If you're calling it in the particular file you want to scan, you can just use the following:

$functions = get_functions_in_file(__FILE__);

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