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Is it possible to use coldfusion with apache server and mysql DB?

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Absolutely, yes.

See the ACME guide - Apache Coldfusion, MySQL, Eclipse

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yep. I'm currently running CF9 on Apache and using CF Builder (based on Eclipse). I'm hitting SQL Server and Oracle databases, but could hit MySQL as well if I had it installed. – Dave DuPlantis May 18 '11 at 17:27

Yes it is and it works fine. ColdFusion has a Apache Connector and can work with mysql as a datasource!

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Definitely work, I use it, but it does differ in ease of install based on windows vs linux. I have gotten it to work on windows, not sure about linux.

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Here's a guide I wrote for installing the ACME stack on Linux.

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Ofcourse you can run under apache and use mysql as well. I wrote blog about load balancing between two different of coldfusion but I have mention setting needs apply http://www.thecfguy.com/post.cfm/load-balancing-with-apache-tomcat-on-coldfusion-standard-version

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