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I have fetched a list of items from web service, now i want to store the item_name on which I have clicked. I cannot store that item name, if its "bread butter" , it stores only "bread". What shall i do now?

var sub_catidall = [];
var sub_catnameall = [];

function selected_index(sub_cat_name_all) {
    alert("selected sub category" + sub_cat_name_all);
    window.localStorage.setItem("DishName", sub_cat_name_all);
    window.open("MenuDetails.html", "_self");

function jsondata(data) {
    var parsedata = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(data));
    var sub_category = parsedata["Item List"];

    for (var i = 0; i < sub_category.length; i++) {
        var sub_menuall = sub_category[i];
        sub_catidall = sub_menuall['menuItemId'];
        sub_catnameall = sub_menuall['menuItemName'];

        var id = document.createElement("table");

        if ((i % 2) == 0) {
            id.innerHTML += '<br><td><a href="#" id=' + sub_catnameall + ' onclick="selected_index(this.id)"><strong><font face="DEVROYE">' + sub_menuall['menuItemName'] + '</a></td></strong>';

        } else {
            id.innerHTML += '<br><tr><td><a href="#" id=' + sub_catnameall + ' onclick="selected_index(this.id)"><strong><font face="DEVROYE">' + sub_menuall['menuItemName'] + '</a></td></strong>';

jsonp("http://remoteaddress/hotelTab/menuitem.php?callback=jsondata&mCatId=" + window.localStorage.getItem('current_id') + "&menuCategoryId=" + window.localStorage.getItem('current_sub_id'));
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Why did you post another copy of question rather than improve this one? copy post –  Xotic750 Feb 25 at 5:22
Because then I searched a lot on storing white spaces in local storage, but did not get satisfactory answer. So I thought I would get any suggestion about storage of white spaces. –  Deepika Feb 25 at 5:28
But you gave no new information, in fact you gave less until I asked you for it. –  Xotic750 Feb 25 at 5:34

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DOM Storage Guide


var string = 'Bread Butter';

localStorage.setItem("DishName", string);


On jsFiddle

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I use Amplifyjs store library to access local storage.
It's simple to use/understand, works really well and it's cross browser (mobile browser as well)

Hope this Helps

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