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I have in my entity:

 * @ORM\ManyToMany(targetEntity="Sancho\UserBundle\Entity\followers", mappedBy="followers")
private $followers;

In Sonata i want to get the number of $followers[]. I create in my entity:

public function getFollow()
      return count($this->followers);

In UserAdmin i have:

protected function configureListFields(ListMapper $listMapper)
            ->add('follow', null, array('sortable'=>true));

I have the number of $follow[] but i can't sort the field. When i sort i have the error:

PHP Catchable fatal error:  Argument 1 passed to Sonata\\DoctrineORMAdminBundle\\Datagrid\\ProxyQuery::entityJoin() must be of the type array, null given, called in /home/sancho/work/Web/vendor/sonata-project/doctrine-orm-admin-bundle/Datagrid/ProxyQuery.php on line 140 and defined in /home/sancho/work/Web/vendor/sonata-project/doctrine-orm-admin-bundle/Datagrid/ProxyQuery.php on line 245
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Your looking in the wrong direction... Sortable in sonata is used to define a field that will hold a position number so you can indeed order the things but based on indexes it writes for itself, so it requires a field in the database thats why you get that error. What you need to do is override the createQuery method in the admin class with ordering functionality. Take a look here how to do that.

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Do you have an example with a OneToMany link ? I have 2 entities (User and Follow). For the moment i use getFollow() {return count($this->followers;}. How can i sort my field by the number of "follow" with queryBuilder ? –  Sancho Feb 25 at 9:16

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