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Im looking for a ruby regex to match this

@variables{ color1 | #FFFFFF | links; color2 | #c1dfee | frame; }

however - what is inside the braces is not important. I just want to capture that @variables{} with its content. So I guess Im looking for something like /@variables{MATCH-ANYTHING}/m


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[^}] matches any character except }.

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thanks a bunch! –  Christian Feb 4 '10 at 9:11
No problem. (15 chars minimum) –  Bart Kiers Feb 4 '10 at 9:12

how about /@variables\{[^}]*\}/

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How about this:

/@variables\{(.+)\}/.match("@variables{ color1 | #FFFFFF | links; color2 | #c1dfee | frame; }")[1]
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Alternatively: /@variables\{.*?}/ to match anything between braces non-greedily

s = "foo{bar} @variables{blah blah} asdf{zxbc}"
# => #<MatchData "@variables{blah blah}" 1:"blah blah">
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