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im trying to draw multiple diagonal lines across the whole image (leaving a space between them) i've used this code to draw horizontal and vertical lines:

for (int z = 1; z < partToCrop; z++) {
    Shape hLines = new Line2D.Float(0, cropInPartWidth*z, chunkWidth, cropInPartWidth*z);
    Shape vLines = new Line2D.Float(cropInPartHeight*z, 0, cropInPartHeight*z, chunkHeight);
    gr.draw(hLines); //gr is a BufferedImage


int partToCrop = 5;
float cropInPartWidth = imgWidth / partToCrop; 
float cropInPartHeight = imgHeight / partToCrop;

and works good. Now i need to draw multiple diagonal lines (i.e 4 diagonal lines) with 45° and -45° degrees of inclination across the whole image, hope you will help me.


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Shape firstLine = new Line2D.Float(0, imgHeight, imgWidth, 0); // this line is from bottom left to top right
Shape secondLine = new Line2D.Float(0, 0, imgWidth, imgHeight); // this line is from top left to bot right
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Actually this seems easier to me.

Assuming imgDim = imgHeight = imgWidth:

int spacing = 2;

for (int z = 1; z < imgDim; z = z + spacing) 
    Shape dLines = new Line2D.Float(0, z, z, 0); 

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This is the output: link but i need something like this: link where i can decide how many lines i need –  Mono.WTF Feb 24 at 10:20

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