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I have bought 5 BLEs from sensor tag, I Downloaded some iBeacon detection code.

But I do not know UUID of the 5 BLEs. Do I Need to put the UUID in my iBeacon detection code?

How Can I get the bluetooth device list using iBeacon code?

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While you can use CoreBluetooth to do an LE scan and see all nearby iBeacons, the info you get back about each iBeacon is not very useful -- iOS blocks you from being able to read the iBeacon identifiers, including the ProximityUUID. See My blog post about this here.

So the bottom line is that while you can see unknown Proximity UUID iBeacon devices with iOS, you cannot even be sure the devices you see are iBeacons at all.

Android and OSX Mavericks do not have this restriction, so if you have access to one of those devices, try my company's iBeacon Locate or ScanBeacon products, which will read your identifiers for you.

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Is impossible, at lest no way to get this list via public API, you must know the UUIDs before ranging

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That is incorrect - You can write code to scan for peripherals using the CoreBluetooth Framework. –  Spectravideo328 Feb 24 at 11:13
yea, scan for peripherals yes, but not for iBeacon UUID –  sage444 Feb 24 at 11:16
iBeacon is built on top of CoreBluetooth. iBeacons are a particular kind of peripherals. iBeacons are peripherals. –  Spectravideo328 Feb 24 at 11:18
this question, as i understand, about iBeacon proximity UUIDs, that is need for iBeacon functionality, not for BLE peripherals in general –  sage444 Feb 24 at 11:22
If do CoreBluetooth cant get notification to fast. iBeacon is background fasting too. I want Background fast. –  Nag Raja Feb 24 at 11:22

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