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I'm trying to do a density plot of two datasets (of different size) by writing:

data1 <- data.frame(dens = log2(c(tmm.th[,1],bidrar_mest[,1]))
                  , lines = c(rep("all",61893),rep("loaded",50) ))

ggplot(data1, aes(x = dens, fill = lines)) + geom_density(alpha = 0.5)

I get a nice plot showing that the smaller dataset has higher values but I also get a warning message saying:

Warning message: Removed 35492 rows containing non-finite values

Can someone explain why and how to get rid of that?

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Do you have negative numbers in your data before the log transform? That would create non-finite values which are then removed... I think the warning suggests you might not have the best understanding of your data, which may be the biggest issue here? –  alexwhan Feb 24 at 10:58
Yes, you're right, the understanding of the data is not so good, thanks a lot! –  user3346285 Feb 24 at 11:57
Actually, there are no negative numbers before the log transform, if you have any other suggestions what it might be, I would appreciate your input! –  user3346285 Feb 24 at 12:01

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