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I'm using mailgun API for sending emails to the user accounts. I keep checking the mailgun log for checking the send statuses. My problem is everything is working fine when sending emails to gmail and yahoo. It is not working for hotmail. I have checked the junk folder in hotmail. I couldn't find the email. Here is the mailgun log for the delivered status to hotmail email account.

02/24/14 04:44 AM Delivered: decodedtool@sandboxunique.mailgun.org → vinodkumar.u93@outlook.com 'Welcome! Outlook Test'

Please help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance.

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Although it seems as if it is delivered, in fact it was blocked by hotmail. You should check your Bounce tab in mailgun but you probably won't find anything there too.

Take the following steps to try to narrow the causes:

  • Check the headers of a delivered email to see what mailgun server it was sent from.
  • Get this IP and search it for blacklisting. Especially in http://www.spamcannibal.org/
  • Lookup the same IP at SendScore.

Now, assuming that you don't have a dedicated IP from Mailgun, you'll notice that your IP might not be blacklisted but several other IPs from the same range might be. This is enough for hotmail to block your emails without giving you a reason.

Ask Mailgun to move you to a different IP and hope that a bad internet marketeer won't be using it too.

Hope this helps Theodore

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