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whenever I try to run my project, I get the following error:

  Error 19  Type 'CompressionModule' does not inherit from System.Web.IHttpHandler'.

Here is my module code

using System;
using System.IO.Compression;
using System.Web;

namespace SWMS
public class CompressionModule : IHttpModule
    void IHttpModule.Dispose()

    void IHttpModule.Init(HttpApplication context)
        context.PreRequestHandlerExecute += new EventHandler(context_PostReleaseRequestState);

    void context_PostReleaseRequestState(object sender, EventArgs e)
        HttpApplication app = (HttpApplication)sender;
        if (app.Context.CurrentHandler is System.Web.UI.Page && app.Request["HTTP_X_MICROSOFTAJAX"] == null)
            if (IsEncodingAccepted(GZIP))
                app.Response.Filter = new GZipStream(app.Response.Filter, CompressionMode.Compress);
            else if (IsEncodingAccepted(DEFLATE))
                app.Response.Filter = new DeflateStream(app.Response.Filter, CompressionMode.Compress);

    private const string GZIP = "gzip";
    private const string DEFLATE = "deflate";

    private static bool IsEncodingAccepted(string encoding)
        HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;
        return context.Request.Headers["Accept-encoding"] != null && context.Request.Headers["Accept-encoding"].Contains(encoding);

    private static void SetEncoding(string encoding)
        HttpContext.Current.Response.AppendHeader("Content-encoding", encoding);

I have used the following code to register my module

        <add name="compression" type="SWMS.CompressionModule, SWMS "/>

can anyone please help me to understand what have I done wrong??

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How are you registering your module? –  Andrei Feb 24 at 11:29
I have registered In web.config file.. Wait i'll post the code –  Crazy Programmer Feb 24 at 11:30
Your error says that CompressionModule does not inherit from System.Web.IHttpHandler. The error is correct as it doesn't - it inherits from IHttpModule. –  Martin Parkin Feb 24 at 11:31
@MartinParkin so what Should I do for this? –  Crazy Programmer Feb 24 at 11:33
@HarshShah, is this the only place were your module is mentioned in the application? –  Andrei Feb 24 at 11:35
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