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I have a form list in a tuple in the following format and a current page
CurrPageName = "ihtx_f_10_00_00_00_00_h210401".

FormList = {form_list, [{"IHTX_F_10_00_00_00_00_H210401",true},

How to find CurrPageName from the FormList? I tried lists:keyfind, keysearch to the innerlist but always returning false or some error. If the CurrPageName exist and if its value is true then only it should return a true else false.

I'm newbie to erlang. Thanks

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The list stores the page names as upper-case strings, so first make sure your CurrPageName variable contains upper-case string too

CurrPageName = string:to_upper("ihtx_f_10_00_00_00_00_h210401").

Then extract the list of tuples and search for the page

{form_list, L} = FormList, % Extract tuple list to L
KeyPosition=1,             % The name we look for is at position 1 in the tuple
T=lists:keyfind(CurrPageName, KeyPosition, L),
case T of
 {_Key, true} ->
    true ;
 false ->
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Just use keymember instead of keyfind for this. – Alexey Romanov Feb 24 '14 at 12:22
@johlo: Thanks! worked – Laxmikant Gurnalkar Feb 24 '14 at 12:22
@Alexey Good point :) – johlo Feb 24 '14 at 12:23

you can use proplists.

CurrPageName = string:to_upper("ihtx_f_10_00_00_00_00_h210401").
{form_list, L} = FormList, 
Res = proplists:is_defined(CurrPageName, L)
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