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I have a website with a view and when i click in the edit button it fires a callback action ant show a edittemplate. But i need to pass a cell value in this callback. Its possible to do that using the edit button?

My view:

    settings.CallbackRouteValues = new { Controller = "Finance", Action =   "_MoneyMasterGrid" };
    settings.SettingsEditing.Mode = GridViewEditingMode.EditFormAndDisplayRow;
    settings.CommandColumn.Visible = true;
    settings.CommandColumn.ShowEditButton = true;
    settings.SettingsCommandButton.EditButton.Text = "Money";

    settings.HtmlDataCellPrepared = (sender, e) =>

       if (e.DataColumn.FieldName == "Filial")
           Session["key"] = e.GetValue("Filial");

    settings.SetEditFormTemplateContent(c =>
         ViewContext.Writer.Write(Html.Partial("_MoneyDetailgrid", ViewBag.Live as List<TbbModels.Domain.Money>).ToHtmlString()))

My Action:

   public ActionResult _MoneyMasterGrid(string account)
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