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Hey, I'm trying to have a graphical program and I want it to start after I log in. How do I do so? I know there's a GUI program, but I want to use a command line here.

GUI tool:

now, there is update-rc.d, however, it seems to run before I log in, while the entire system loads ups (Unless I don't understand what the NN means in the update-rc.d manual).
Any ideas?

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There's also an autostart folder in ~/.config/autostart - which is profile (or user) specific. If you put a .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart it will become a global startup for any new users created. This assumes you have xdg-user-dirs-gtk installed.

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Drop a .desktop file in... /etc/xdg/autostart here, might be different on Ubuntu.

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