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Is it possible to filter an array of objects, such that the value of property can be either of a few values (OR condition) without writing a custom filter

This is similar to this problem - Angular.js ng-repeat :filter by single field

But instead of

<div ng-repeat="product in products | filter: { color: 'red' }">

is it possible to do something like this

<div ng-repeat="product in products | filter: { color: 'red'||'blue' }">

for a sample data as follows-

$scope.products = [
   { id: 1, name: 'test', color: 'red' },
   { id: 2, name: 'bob', color: 'blue' }
   /*... etc... */

I've unsuccessfully tried

<div ng-repeat="product in products | filter: { color: ('red'||'blue') }">
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Might help you… – Satpal Feb 24 '14 at 12:35
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Best way to do this is to use a function:

<div ng-repeat="product in products | filter: myFilter">

$scope.myFilter = function (item) { 
    return item === 'red' || item === 'blue'; 

Alternatively, you can use ngHide or ngShow to dynamically show and hide elements based on a certain criteria.

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Apart from a function or a custom filter is there no way to do it inline? ngHide will set the display to none, but the div will get generated and inserted into the DOM. Anyway I think function is the cleanest way to do it, was only curious if there was a syntax to specify an OR condition inline. – Yogesh Mangaj Feb 24 '14 at 13:00

I found a more generic solution with the most angular-native solution I can think. Basically you can pass your own comparator to the default filterFilter function. Here's plunker as well.

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<div ng-repeat="product in products | filter: colorFilter">

In Angular:

$scope.colorFilter = function (item) { 
  if (item.color === 'red' || item.color === 'blue') {
  return item;
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Thanks, but if you read the question carefully I wanted a solution without writing a custom filter – Yogesh Mangaj Feb 25 at 6:10

I thing "ng-if" should work:

<div ng-repeat="product in products" ng-if="product.color === 'red' 
|| product.color === 'blue'">
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